MBTA Operations

Opinion: Keeping Public Transportation Public

The Heights | 9/26/16 | By Matthew BeDugnis “Every day these hardworking people continue bailing out a ship that has been taking on water for years. You see it in the MBTA employee who has to figure out how to get an old, rotten, and rusted-out Green Line train back to the station after it…

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Make believe math won’t fix our public transportation system.

Last week, former Massachusetts Transportation Secretary James Aloisi wrote a detailed article (“Shutdown process costly for the T“) for Commonwealth Magazine on the complicated and costly process the MBTA has to go through to shut its service down every night. The article cites independent data sources that show the process costs the MBTA $3.8 million dollars…

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MBTA takes first major step toward privatization

Boston Globe | By Nicole Dungca | June 30, 2016 The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s warehouse operations could be run by a private company by October, as T officials take a major step toward outsourcing a part of the agency. MBTA officials on Thursday released a request for proposals from outside firms for the operations…

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Our Proposal to the MBTA

We’re writing today to tell you about our ongoing efforts to advocate on your behalf and protect transit jobs from privatization. A few months ago, the executive board agreed to look for ways to reach a deal with MBTA leadership to lengthen our contract and prevent the outsourcing of Boston Carmen’s Union work.   Today,…

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Carmen’s Union Opposes Outsourcing of Warehouse Logistics Jobs

The MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board met again to explore more ways to privatize parts of the MBTA. Today’s meeting focused on warehouse logistics. President Jimmy O’Brien as well as several members of Local 589 questioned the savings privatization would bring as well as why it was being privatized at all since the problems…

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MBTA workers urge board not to outsource their jobs

By State House News Service | June 6, 2016 About a half dozen people tasked with cash-handling duties within the MBTA urged the transit agency’s overseers on Monday not to outsource the agency’s money room operations. Looking at an overhaul of the MBTA’s fare collection systems, agency officials have considered employing a private vendor that could take…

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Boston Union Honors Lynn Hero

  Item Live | Thomas Grillo | July 24, 2017 LYNN — The Boston Carmen’s Union honored a passenger who intervened when a knife-wielding passenger stabbed an MBTA bus driver. Charles Rozopoulos was treated to a pizza party and awarded a black union jacket by the union Monday, the same one worn by T drivers.…

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