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Opinion: Keeping Public Transportation Public

The Heights | 9/26/16 | By Matthew BeDugnis “Every day these hardworking people continue bailing out a ship that has been taking on water for years. You see it in the MBTA employee who has to figure out how to get an old, rotten, and rusted-out Green Line train back to the station after it…

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Make believe math won’t fix our public transportation system.

Last week, former Massachusetts Transportation Secretary James Aloisi wrote a detailed article (“Shutdown process costly for the T“) for Commonwealth Magazine on the complicated and costly process the MBTA has to go through to shut its service down every night. The article cites independent data sources that show the process costs the MBTA $3.8 million dollars…

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Upcoming Rallies and Informational Pickets

For months, we have diligently and respectfully presented the facts — that privatizing operations like the Money Room and the MBTA Warehouse is wrong for the MBTA and wrong for Massachusetts. We need investment in our infrastructure, not another Keolis.   We’ve worked to build our case in the press and with the public.But last…

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Union stiffens stand against privatization of MBTA jobs

State House News Service | By Colin A. Young | Sept. 12, 2016 BOSTON- Angered by what they described as a new push to privatize jobs at the MBTA, members of the union that represents more than half of MBTA employees filled the audience at a meeting of the Department of Transportation and MBTA control…

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2016 Golf Tournament Helps Build COPE Fund

Thank you to all our sponsors and players for making our Annual Golf Tournament a huge success. We had great weather and a great day was had by all while helping to build our Union’s COPE (Committee on Political Education) fund. Click here to see photos from the tournament. Special thanks to our union brother and ace photographer, Brian Cummings,…

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Rally & Informational Picket This Monday (9/12)!

Brothers and Sisters, At this point, most of us have seen the news that MBTA leadership is targeting bus maintenance and operations for privatization. For months, we have diligently and respectfully presented the facts — that privatizing operations like the Money Room and the MBTA Warehouse is wrong for the MBTA and wrong for Massachusetts. We need investment in…

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Mayor Walsh throws latest MBTA privatization idea under bus

Boston Herald | Matt Stout | Tuesday, September 06, 2016 Mayor Martin J. Walsh yesterday came out swinging against the MBTA for weighing the privatization of core functions such as bus routes and maintenance, calling it a “mistake” that could pave the way to widespread outsourcing at the cash-strapped agency. “It’s a slippery slope. It’s…

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State House Update

On Thursday, September 1, MBTA leadership submitted this annual procurement report to the Massachusetts House and Massachusetts Senate, pursuant to the transportation reform law passed in 2015. This report continues to use the same flawed logic that has shaped the MBTA reform debate for months – that outsourcing will somehow fix decades of neglect, woefully…

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