T praised for response to Women’s March

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Above & Beyond

Sullivan: Put T trolley on track for tourism

Boston Herald | Jim Sullivan | Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Tim Murphy loves his job. Tim drives the Mattapan-
Ashmont trolley, the extension of the Red Line that takes over where the subway ends. The trolleys are the only vehicles in the MBTA fleet not equipped to make recorded announcements, so Tim does the job as…

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We’re Not Backing Down From This Fight!

Brothers and Sisters, Seven members of the Executive Board were arrested this morning as they blocked the Money Room trucks from trying to leave. President Jimmy O’Brien; Assistant Secretary Joe Cerbone; Allen Lee, Delegate, Division 1; Larry Kelly, Delegate, RTL/AFC; Patrick Hogan, Delegate, Division 3; Mike Keller, Delegate, Equipment Maintenance; and John Hunt, Delegate, Engineering…

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MBTA Bus Driver Praised For Random Act Of Kindness

CBS Boston | June 17, 2016 10:08 AM BOSTON – “It’s the little things that can really brighten up someone’s life especially in hard moments.” That was a Cambridge man’s reaction after having a conversation with a remarkable MBTA bus driver Thursday afternoon. Samuel Gebru was taking the 64 bus home when he started talking…

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Job Well Done Yesterday!

A lot of well-deserved praise has been bestowed on our brothers and sisters with the Boston, State and MBTA Police Departments for their efforts to carryout a safe rally yesterday and keep our city safe. However, we would also like to thank all our members who helped the over 40k people get safely in and out…

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Take the #CottonSwabChallenge

Last week, Barry Norton asked for our help finding a bone marrow match for his son Joseph who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He didn’t stop there. Barry has been talking to people all over and is already receiving some great support from his community. Mayor Burke, of Medford (Barry’s hometown) has pledged her support…

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Photos from today’s event to send aid to Puerto Rico

Today, Local 589’s executive board joined with others this morning to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico by donating needed supplies and a monetary gift. We’d like to thank the membership for making this kind of donation possible. We would also like to thank Joseph Cerbone, Patrick Hogan, Peggy LaPaglia, Jose Cruz, Miguel…

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History tour comes with T ride

Boston Globe | By Adam Vaccaro | July 15, 2017 The MBTA is America’s oldest subway system, and Tim Murphy wants his passengers to know about it. Murphy, a Green Line operator and history buff, has built a niche by using his trolley’s public address system to offer MBTA and Boston history to riders. He…

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Lesson in Crisis Communication, Delivered on the Subway

The Hired Pens | By Dan O’Sullivan | January 2017 When I hopped on the MBTA (our subway) yesterday, I wasn’t expecting to attend a master class in crisis communication. But that’s just what happened, courtesy of a congenial conductor. We’ve all been there before. You’re stuck on the airplane runway for no apparent reason.…

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T praised for response to Women’s March

Commonwealth Magazine | By Bruce Mohl | Jan. 24 TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY STEPHANIE POLLACK and members of the MBTA’s oversight board on Monday praised the authority and the state’s commuter rail operator for their response to the huge crowds that took public transit to the Women’s March on Saturday. Pollack said early estimates of how many people…

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