O’Brien Highlights Ongoing Problems Facing MBTA and Money Room

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Two Foursomes Left for Annual Golf Tournament

ATTENTION: Due to cancellations, there are two foursomes available for Local 589’s 2016 Annual Golf Tournament (Sept. 9th) at the Brookmeadow Country Club in Canton, MA. If interested, contact Peggy LaPaglia ASAP at (617) 542-8212 Ext: 10 or plapaglia@carmensunion.org.

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Future for MBTA parts warehouse a subject of debate

State House News Service | By Andy Metzger | AUGUST 19, 2016 MBTA inventory workers giving a tour around the central warehouse earlier this summer paused for a moment, moving to the side of an enclosed alley to make room for a forklift passing through. The hallway is the only indoor connection between the loading…

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2016 Supplemental Benefits Enrollment Schedule

Below are locations and enrolment dates for 2016 supplemental benefits enrollment.   Location Enrollment Dates Albany Street Garage September 15 – 16 Alewife Yard September 7 – 9 Arborway Yard September 7 – 9 Ashmont September 7 – 9 Bennett Garage September 7 – 13 Cabot Garage September 7 – 9 Charlestown Garage September 7 –…

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Marty Walsh: Privatization Doesn’t Work

Recently, Mayor Marty Walsh sat down with the Boston Globe for a wide-ranging interview about his first-term in office and what he sees as the most pressing issues facing the city. At the top of his list was his opposition to privatizing public transit. Below is the portion of the interview that focused on his opposition to…

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O’Brien Highlights Ongoing Problems Facing MBTA and Money Room

After a week of mismanagement of the money room since a private consulting firm took over, Boston Carmen’s Union President Jimmy O’Brien testified to the FMCB and MBTA management about the ongoing problems facing the MBTA and money room as a result of this poor management―reminding them that this serves as another example of why…

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