Boston Globe: Why the union-bashing?

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New poll shows Marty Walsh leading race for Mayor of Boston

The results of a new UMass Poll released today by the University of Massachusetts Amherst shows state Rep. Martin J. Walsh with a seven-point lead over Boston City Councilor at Large John R. Connolly among registered Boston voters in advance of the Boston mayoral election on Nov. 5. The UMass Poll confirms that voter support…

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Nomination General Officers / Executive

Board Members and Barn Captains Section 30: “A member to be nominated for any office in this Local Union must be present “at the Union Office” unless such member be confined through illness to her or his home or hospital or out of town on legitimate business. No member shall be a candidate for more…

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Help Get Out The Vote For Marty

Dear union brothers and sisters, By now you are all aware of Marty Walsh’s background as a union member and leader who still proudly serves as President of his local union, Laborers Local 223. You also know that Marty Walsh has been a champion for working families at the State House, fighting to protect collective…

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Politics as Unusual: Connolly’s law firm and its eviction case

Jamaica Plain Gazette | By Chris Faraone | October 28, 2013 Over the past several months and particularly since the preliminary election, we’ve heard countless tales about the company and characters surrounding state rep. and mayoral hopeful Marty Walsh. The broad stroke is that he rolls with greedy union hacks and old-timers, Dot Ave. ruffians…

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For Republicans, Connolly is the Democrat of choice

By Stephanie Ebbert / Globe Staff / October 25, 2013 Ernie Boch Jr., the auto magnate, invited about 80 friends over to his sprawling Norwood estate last week for a fund-raiser for Boston mayoral candidate John R. Connolly. Less surprising than the campaign haul — about $40,000, Boch estimated — was the patron. Boch is…

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Local 589 Members Sworn-in As Delegates to Greater Boston Labor Council

Boston Carmen’s Union members Paul Eid and Mary Reichert were sworn-in as new Delegates representing Local 589 at the Great Boston Labor Council (GBLC) on October 1st. Local 589 Delegate Mike Keller serves on the GBLC’s Executive Board and along with the Council’s Executive Secretary Rich Rogers welcomed the Bother Eid and Sister Reichert’s active…

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Labor Walks for Marty Walsh

Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, will be going door to door canvassing for Marty Walsh. Please see below for walk locations and times. For more information, please call Dan Justice at (617)794-2035 We will be walking and talking with the general public. Labor to labor walks will also be available. Walk packets…

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Warrant issued in MBTA bus driver assault

Transit police detectives have received an arrest warrant for a 32-year-old man accused of assaulting an MBTA operator while he was driving a bus in Chelsea. Douglas Bergeron is charged with assault and battery on a public employee and interfering with public transportation for his alleged role in the Sunday night incident. Investigators were called…

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Boston Globe: Why the union-bashing?

Boston Globe | By Joan Vennochi | OCTOBER 17, 2013 AFTER LAST April’s Marathon bombings, Bostonians love their first responders — at least until a state arbitrator awards a pay raise to Boston police that would begin to bring their salaries in line with those of Boston firefighters. Like magic, that turns our beloved law…

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