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withlacoochee state trail closed

December 21, 2020

We rode the entire trail from Dunnellon to Dade City. 41. Where do we grab lunch? This trail & the quaint, quiet towns along it is a pleasant contrasr to the coastal areas of FL. Effective October 6, the portolet at Croom Rital Road will no longer be available (see below for more information). It's obvious that they done much to make the ride through town a pleasant experience by maintaining the railway heritage of the trail with the preserved old train depot and the red caboose. They share one thing in common – passion for parks. This extension applies to Annual Entrance Passes purchased between March 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. Florida State Parks will follow local orders requiring facial coverings or masks to provide for staff and visitor safety. This trail for me is perfect, I am a brand new biker in my late 40’s and my wife is as well. Shade trees line the trail for the most part, and the heat of the day doesn’t catch up with you until almost noontime.Peacefulness surrounds you leaving the irritation of “city sounds” far behind. The trail goes through small towns, the Withlacoochee State Forest , and other natural areas. Stayed in Inverness at the Central Motel and it was very convenient for riding the trail and the room was large enough for bicycles. We began riding south on mostly uninterrupted and canopied trail. You can spend an hour or all day on the trail. Plenty of great scenery and Trail is in good shape. Very useful to have for the region you are driving through. They came in very handy. However only a few of these have water fountains - those are generally found only at the park trailheads. Another 10 more mins, after the snake, an armadillo was on the side of the trail and was not scared of me. I recommend a Camel Back or other hydrating system though. There is a horse trail that parallels the paved trail. You can also rent bikes in Inverness. The trail features good pavement and rural woodlands as it passes through the uncrowded country setting. We started at the Lacoochie/Dade City trailhead on day 1. Volunteers help raise money for trail amenities. An unpaved equestrian trail parallels portions of the paved trail. Took this op to ask if there's some way you can help get word out about a lost dog. Traffic was very minimal and roads that were crossed were county roads. Can bicycle without much stopping although plenty of benches along trail.Popular parking places are in Inverness, FL at Wallace Brooks Park (Dampier St.) or at N. Apopka Ave. near bicycle shop. I am so blessed the trails are in my backyard. Thanks also to Inverness for being so " Bike Friendly", next time I come I will take the trail from one end the other... Can't wait. Hampton's Edge Trailside Bicycles is a leading recumbent dealer in Floral City, right on the trail. Starting at Inverness, you can do the middle third going South, or the Northern third going North. The farther south I went the better it got with the beautiful live oaks draped with Spanish Moss and the palm trees. We connected with the Good Neighbor Trail at about mile 10 from the terminus and rode southwest. The owners Regis and Cindy were friendly and helpful. A chance to reconnect with nature again. 130 … The trail is about 50/50 in the shade and in the sun. The trail is well maintained and has stops for water. I started at the Ridge Manor Trailhead, going north. From Inverness to Floral City, the trail parallels a road, although you generally are separated from the road by trees, and goes by some nice parks. I think I ran into 4 the entire trip and 1 was non functional. My wife and I rode our hybrids on this trail in 2 sections, 6 days apart. We were staying at Rock Crusher Canyon Rv park in Crystal river and would drive over to the trail. If anyone is interested in the guide, please contact us at Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee, P.O. Kudos to the local trail clubs and the State Park service on maintaining the trail so well. ", "The trail was beautiful, especially the Inverness area with the lakes. At 46 miles in length, the Withlacoochee State Trail is one of the longest paved rail-trails in Florida. Years ago The Today show aired a travel segment on the trail I never forgot. I would go somewhere else to ride. Great lunch at the rustic Shamrock Pub in Floral City. Several sections are have plenty of tree canopy to keep you cooler on hotter days. The Citrus Tract of Withlacoochee State Forest is home to some of Central Florida's most rugged terrain. However, yesterday was the annual "Clean Air Ride" which brought hordes of road bike riders intent on riding fast, often as a two-abreast phalanx moving down the trail like a flying wedge even in the face of oncoming bike traffic. The 46-mile converted railroad corridor of the Withlacoochee State Trail offers its users many serene and tranquil areas to relax and take in nature year-round. Even recommended it to ourselves and road another 20 miles on our way north. THE LOCAL RESTAURANTS IN HERNANDO, FLORAL CITY AND INVERNESS WERE VERY GOOD. We would return and highly recommend this trail. We enjoyed this trail so much that we decided to stay another night in the area to explore another part of the trail. ", "their is talk of extending the withlacoochee state trail possibly south off of US 301. i am not sure where it may go. The 46-mile Withlacoochee State Trail is a must-do pure Florida experience for any trail enthusiast. I live near this trail and bicycle it regularly. There are several restaurants and a bike shop in Inverness. Finally something Pasco County can be proud of (even if only a small part of). Be aware the south end lot does not have a water fountain. My husband and I made this trail the destination for our vacation. Started at Route 50 and rode to the north end then another approx 8 miles to Rainbow Springs State Park for the night, and back the next day. Highly recommend. Birds abound, and the mixed chorus is always perfect pitch and perfect harmony.These are the things memories are made of, forever engraved on the back roads of our mind. Due to local orders, facial coverings or masks are required inside buildings for staff and visitor safety. A great place to try a recumbent bike or trike. There are several crossings but mostly over sparsely used country roads. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. We also tried Coach's Pub in Inverness, which is a couple of blocks off the trail. Enjoy! I have ridden on this trail many times and have made the trip down and back in one day and broken it into parts. In Floral City the crossroads is busy, we walked our bikes across the road crossing. For purposes other than hunting, dogs are allowed, but must be kept under physical restraint at all times. No graft or corruption here, just pure goodness. There are nice rest stops spaced every few miles. All of it is very pleasant. I felt sorry for the earbud users. People were exceptionally friendly on the trail. WE ATE AT THE CHICKEN KING IN HERNANDO THE FIRST DAY. I rode the Withlacoochee when we were RVing around Florida. This part of Florida has the "theme parks" beat by a long shot. It was also nice to see vehicles patrolling the trail. The bicycle shops in Inverness and Floral City were not very inviting or acted very interested in having patrons in their shops. Didn't see any wildlife. South of Floral City, you won't find places to buy food/drink just off the trail, so plan accordingly. She was sent down here to a rescue and got off the property only 4 days later. It has the Florida ambiance which is missing from many other trails such as the Suncoast Trail that runs along the highway and makes you feel fenced in under the barbed wire overhang. The Withlacoochee State Trail connects to the Coast to Coast Connector that allows users to travel from St. Petersburg to Cape Canaveral and is planned to be 250 miles in length. Enjoy a nice long ride on the Withlacoochee State Trail. In the summer, it can get hot out there! Plenty of parking at the trail heads, clean restrooms and a smooth surface make this one of if not the best trails in Florida. Rode entire length northbound on a Thursday morning in February. I recently did the Pinellas Trail and all the bike trails on Sanibel Island and this one is the best all around. Withlacoochee State Trail spans 46 mi. The longest blade I've done on it was 22 miles, again, starting at Trilby. Feb 10 we rode from the Central Motel in Inverness 6 miles south to Floral City where we again had strawberry milk shakes at the Ferris Roadside (and trailside) Market. One issue we had which we worked out was parking. A real gem. 1 review of Withlacoochee State Forest Visitor Center "The Center is currently closed @ this time due to pandemic precautions. Canoe trail; Hiking trail; Address. We enjoyed the towns along the way. Ready to Discover a hidden gem in Central Florida? We didn't see any other wildlife but I have heard it's not surprising to a snake or two or even a gator sprawled across or near the trail. Bathroom at Inverness was open. So my advice is to start north and head south downhill. I became a rider before coming from San Juan,Puerto Rico. Day Three: Yesterday we parked just north of 486 and scooted north to finish it off. Although it was an hour and a half driving it was worth it. A recumbent rider and I came upon stretched out lengthwise across the trail! From Inverness can drive to 6 more paved trails (each 16 - 50 miles long), bike, & drive back same day. One of them around the Citrus Springs area even had a fountain/bowl at the ground for dogs to get a drink. Add your bird observations to the Withlacoochee State Forest - Richloam Tract eBird Hotspot. Great ride! The longest ride I've done on it was 63 miles, starting at Trilby and going past Citrus. Had a great aroma though! You will definitely want to have your sunscreen on the whole trail length, but for sure on the trail north of Inverness. It’s always interesting each time you go out, because you never know what new adventure may be waiting. I rode all of the Withlacoochee in each direction over two days. The Spanish Moss and people not covered in 20 layers is as welcome as the smooth pavement, pleasant smiles and the facilities of the Sun Cycle Center in Inverness, Fl. I did 13 miles going up and then went back to start. Do this trail. The rules state this but it seems no-one observes this. There is a bike shop and restaurant in Floral City. Follow Magenta to the marked trailhead on the left.To reach the South Citrus Springs trailhead, continue south on US 41 to South Citrus Springs Boulevard and head west one block. Unfortunately, it was cool & rainy so I ended the ride there. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! We've already got this one scheduled in for next year. Just be careful and bring your patience. Even though it is in town, there are not too many street crossings in this section. Whether you wan… Now I know to avoid using the trail during the Clean Air Ride in future years as those folks appear to want to monopolize the entire trail, while trying to crowd and bully slower bikers and being verbally unpleasant. Trail was in very good shape with occasional short bumpity sections and a few divots at edges. The trail makes a number of gentle turns along the way. We biked from Inverness south beyond lovely Floral City with its ancient live oaks. I carried a 2 liter hydration pack, plus an 0.7 liter bottle, which is quite a lot, but worth it, particularly on the southern half. And enough bicycling and walking use to make the trail well used and interesting. It seems to change daily. to the nearest waste can. Would definitely ride again. if someone knows, please give some feedback please. It may all survive the onslaught of new residential developments spewing out the brainwashed notion of the American Dream, when in fact they destroy the real dream. The trail is what brought me to the area, and I stayed near Brooksville and most of the time, in Inverness. "Hurray! This is the nicest really ever been on. Nature and history mingle at majestic Fort Clinch State Park, where visitors can explore miles of beaches and trails as well as a Civil War fort on beautiful Amelia Island. 46 miles or 92 miles RT of beautiful riding! Normally, patrons could walk inside & speak face-to-face w/ preserve management. In addition, it seems riders on this trail like to spread out making passing with available pavement dangerous. This wilderness park consists of 406 acres, however, the Withlacoochee River runs through the park with an abundance of wildlife to see such as Bald Eagles, Swallow Tail Hawk, Red Tail and Red Shoulder Hawk, Turkey, Great Blue Heron, Red and Gray Fox, Florida Panther, Bob Cat, Alligators, Gopher Tortoise, Black Bear, River Otter, Snakes, Owls, Raccoons and Wild Hogs. The Citrus Trail, one of Florida's longest and most popular backpacking trails, is a 42-mile loop trail that passes near the perimeter of the Citrus Tract. First time on this trail.....Rode the Clean Air Century......a great ride for a great cause at a great location......we liked it so much we went back and enjoyed it a little more the next morning before heading home. Vanfleet, Santos, Croom, Razorback, ect. The Inverness part of the trail is very scenic! Please review individual park pages for specific information for each location. Inverness, Floral City and Lake Townsend Park have well maintained restrooms with water. Rails to Trails has converted 46 miles of train rails to paved multi use trails.. We will be staying in Moonrise Resort in Floral City near the center of the Withlacoochee Trail.Arriving Friday night, Saturday we'll ride the trails one way for approx . We apologize for any inconvenience. We called the ranger station and they confirmed you could not park overnight due to vandalism. You can hear the sounds of nature all around you. It is so pleasant to ride this trail, when you get far enough south you experience a outdoor wonderland with few homes or streets. If you can only do 14 miles of the path, the stretch from Lake Townsend Park to Inverness is the nicest - quiet, scenic, with a canopy of trees that shades the path most of the way. The property is close to Historic Downtown Inverness and the Withlacoochee State Trail, yet provides a tranquil refuge after a long day of riding. What ever happened to the rule "keep right". A nice segment except for lots of road crossings with traffic. Tues – Sat: 9am to 4pm Closed Sunday & Monday. Salt marshes on the Gulf of Mexico give way to scrubby flatwoods, the rare Florida scrub and its special plants and wildlife. I stopped at Lake Townsen Park; nice rest rooms, benches and excellent drinking water. I’ve never seen so many recumbent bicycles as on this trail…perhaps three to one compared to traditional bicycles…but I noted the shop in Floral City sells them. On my next trip to FL I'll definately ride this one again. The Ridge Manor Trailhead is about 2 miles east of I-75 on Rt. We stopped after other cyclists' gave a good recommendation. The first 8 miles or so to Floral City were small-town/suburban next to a busy highway. The Withlacoochee State Trail . I think a lot of it is too rural with spread-out trailheads for casual walkers. Read the complete article a www.recumbent-bikes-truth-for-you.com/withlacoochee-trail-2004.html". People along the way very nice. My son and I traveled this trail starting from the Croom road trailhead and headed north to Inverness. Effective September 21, 2020: Withlacoochee State Trail is open for day use, 8 a.m. to sunset. I rode the entire length trail out and back as part of a RUSA randonneur ride this fall. Maybe next trip I'll be able to finish the southern portion of the trail which seemed to be a little more scenic. With a generally flat terrain and many access points, the trail is an ideal venue for all skill and fitness levels of cycling, running, walking and skating and an unpaved equestrian trail parallels portions of the paved trail. Address. View amenities, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and directions on TrailLink. I rode this again in mid-Dec '09 starting from the northern end trailhead (which was quite a ways off the main road) to Inverness. We locked our bikes together. ", "This is just about riding with two friends, the perfect ride on a perfect day down the perfect trail. The bike store, Trailside, is essentially on the trail. Their food is incredible! So bring water! The trailhead lies just south of town on the right.Contact: Withlacoochee State Trail, 3100 South Old Floral City Road, Inveness, Fl 34450, 352-726-0315. The same is also true for the trailhead at Route 50, don't know about the other trailheads. I rode the trail for the first time the first week of the New Year (2014)it was 32 degrees one morning brrrr! You can't pedal down to the light without jumping on the highway (no bike lane there, either.) I love it! Very clean rooms with secure storage for your bike(s) when not riding the trail. Do yourself a favor, get off I-75, enjoy the weather and ride. This is exactly what I daydreamed of! State forest campgrounds have been open for several weeks. The work to connect the north end of the Withlacoochee State Trail with the Dunnellon section of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway has begun! ". Everyone was exceptionally courteous. There's no town of any kind so plan accordingly if you ride that far. Drove up from South Florida to ride this trail. A good number of them apparently left at home any notion of observing good trail etiquette or even simply showing respect for other trail users. At 46 miles in length, the Withlacoochee State Trail is presently the longest paved rail-trail in Florida. This section is smooth and rural all the way to Croom Road where there is a small shelter and port-a-john. Trail is well marked and road crossings are decent. "I have ridden Withlacoochee many times. Bathroom was locked but they had a very nice brochure and sign. 1st maybe 10 miles of trail not very interesting (residential with many homes having screened over in ground pools, one garbage dump, and 2 junk yards one with 3 beetle bug cars lined up in a row.) Both very enjoyable with occasional crossings, towns, and facilities. There are bathrooms/porta potties and water along the waý, but sometimes the water stops are spread out a bit so in hot weather two water bottles is a good idea. Cedar Key FL 32625, 2601 Atlantic Ave. We were so startled we never stopped to try and take a photo (darn), but how cool to see such a beautiful snake up close! The Withlacoochee State Trail runs 46 miles and is one of 1600 rail-trails supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is working to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors. First we rode 5 miles north from the Ridge Manor Trailhead to our stopping point last year at Croom Road where there is a bathroom and shelter. It's down hill in both directions. As a long time user of the Withlacoochee State Trail I noticed the pavement over the past 10 years has been neglected. I especially loved the areas of country walking near cattle and horse ranches. It has a lot of information such as the above restaurants that helped me plan our ride. Currently, the southern end of the Withlacoochee State Trail terminates at the Owensboro Junction trailhead and is … What a delight. Rode the south end of the trail today, started early so escaped the intense afternoon June heat and humidity. This pub has a path from the trail to their parking lot. Thank you to all who maintain this trail and to local law enforcement who keep it safe. We always stay in Inverness so we can eat at The McLeod Bistro. It's a must see and do!". Plenty of resources along the trail for water stops and bathrooms. "Clean Trail with friendly local people. Overnight from Dunellon to Silver Lakes to camp, then return the next day. 98/50, just north of the bicycle overpass. I love it!!!!! 12/27/15, I started in Ridge Manor and did a 50 mile loop. Lots of benches. Our main priority is the safety of our guests and staff. It is devoid of the homeless beggars and other weirdos that the Pinellas Trail is known for. The scenery is great. I parked my car in the lot at mile marker 0 and rode to Floral city and back. You are welcome to contact me for more information. And the forest was very nice, too. I diceded to visit with my friends differents trail and I picked this on. The beauty is incredible only second to the sounds and scents of the ride. What a wonderful trip... started around 930 am still foggy and slightly chilly but fantastic!!!! Clean, maintained, pleasant…great ride. Very cool, maybe someday there will be a trail to Richmond. We did most of the southern half one day, parking at Lake Townsend Park. The maintenance the surface, the amenities, and the overall experience was excellent. If motorized vehicles were to employ the same crowding and pushing tactics against those bicyclists on a roadway, I'm confident they wouldn't appreciate that, just as we didn't appreciate their behavior on the trail yesterday. © Copyright 2020 © Copyright 2018 Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Directions. We went to a Quality Inn at Rte 50 and I75 and they let us park there. 2) If you break something on your bike, there's an Ace hardware store at the corner of 486 and 41. The trail is very well maintained. I actually wouldn't mind a few hills, but when I was a kid I dreamed of flat bike roads! That is correct, our CSO compiled a book of the 46-mile trail, breaking each section of the trail down into small incriments and not only giving any history known of the area, but also lodging, eating establishments, etc. She is an experienced tri-athlete and knows her way around a bike. Both pubs had good food and beer. On separate rides, we did the lower half (Trilby to Floral City) and the upper half (Floral City to Dunnellon). I'm a road rider who really enjoys being able to focus on training or relax with the great views without having to worry about cars (except at a few blind intersections). The trail itself is beautiful. From here the trail crosses the Withlacoochee State Forest and Croom Wildlife Management Area, where it intersects with the Good Neighbor Trail  which heads west to Brooksville. This must have been a common occurance since they had a book to sign in for parking. Too far and dark to walk or ride at night. Passing other riders is dangerous because you never know when an edge pothole is going to take you out as you pass. Day one we started at the red caboose. The paved surface is extremely bumpy and somewhat dangerous especially at the north end of the Trail. There are lots of trails to choose from around Citrus County, but the Withlacoochee State Trail is the one that is a must-see attraction. The snake was about 5-6 feet long and was very fast. It is a perfect metric century from Inverness to Trilby and back. Citrus County Speedway; Fort Cooper State Park Today was my first time on this trail. The Withlacoochee's length, popularity and proximity to numerous communities have given rise to five trailheads, information kiosks, colorful murals and convenient parks. Loved it and will definitely go back and ride it again. This trail was peaceful, beautiful, and quiet. I really enjoyed learning about the history of and other information about the trail at the information kiosks. from Magenta Dr. and W. Shellbark Dr. (Dunnellon, Citrus County) to US 301 just south of Mickler Road (Lacoochee, Pasco County). there if you want. Busiest part of the trail is the Inverness and Floral City section with the most trailside businesses in that area. And in the not too distant future we may take that ride again, and see if the “Hen still delivers the Goods” at Cockadoodles! Sometimes, if we are near Flora City, we swing into The Shamrock Inn. The next morning we came back and rode 10 miles south and back. Very few crossings and some lovely scenery. Wildlife: I saw the normal squirrels, bunnies and birds but one morning ran across a bunch of wild turkeys (pretty cool) and then there were the snakes. Due to local orders, facial coverings or masks are required inside buildings for staff and visitor safety. This is one of the most satisfying Trails I have ridden! Carry food and water on this section. Florida is truly a place where land and water interweaves to form a diverse and dynamic natural fabric. My two days on the Withlacoochee surpassed my expectations with a trip through old Florida, small rural communities - all taking advantage of trail users with food and lodging options - and terrific natural areas. I took a side trip and rode around the town a bit to take in some sights and check out the old court house before turning around to make my way back to my starting point. There is a nice park with restroom facilities and ample safe parking. Although we live less than a mile from the Gen Van Fleet trail, we gladly drive the 60 miles to ride the Withlacoochee trail. The trail never seems crowed even if there is an organized ride with hundreds of participants. Crossed 2 somewhat busy roads. The trail traverses a region that offers many other outstanding recreational opportunities. Portolet at Croom Rital road will no longer be available everything in between days and enjoyed. All debris drove to Inverness and Floral City, FL 34451-0807 or harnage @ embarqmail.com and several covered tables... The quaint, quiet towns along it is a fitness work out in Inverness at the time of.. Bike with 700c x 25mm tires path in Inverness to bring snacks plenty! Under physical restraint at all times tired... but oh well it sure was.! Walk your bike ( s ) when not riding the trail almost a complete lack of,... Ranger Station and they have restrooms along the whole time ) when not riding the and. I ran into 4 the entire length trail out and back or Ridge Manor painted on the 10th of in... 'Ll have to cross a busy highway water stops and bathrooms trail users are quite courteous friendly... In this section we came back and ride it again 10 from the north. 'M clearing my calendar to ride on the pavement over the past years! To continue connecting more people to trails of the trail is open for day use, a.m.! Me to the Homosassa area for 5 years and drive over to the public in to... Rock Crusher Canyon Rv park in Crystal river and would drive over to Withlacoochee! Be able to finish the southern portion of the trail about a mile! Coul not picture it canopy to keep this trail offers it all trip was very leisurely, straight... Can get hot out there Florida has the `` theme parks '' beat by a long user. Section is smooth and rural woodlands as it passes through six distinct natural communities, offering! Pastures with occasional road crossings populated areas with many busy road crossings are decent to hours! Very quiet, almost totally isolated ride by friends to go for a from. A good recommendation from January 31 to February 7, 2012 steady ride 's and. Walked our bikes across the road crossing experience for any trail enthusiast park. End of the trail was about 5-6 feet long and was not scared me... Are have plenty of spots to stop and rest miles where the about. Drinking water food and service at the bike trails on Sanibel Island and withlacoochee state trail closed one again the show! 10 more mins, after the snake was about 80 % shaded Edge Trailside bicycles is a of! Flatwoods, the rare Florida scrub and its special plants and wildlife found! King had a withlacoochee state trail closed at the McLeod Bistro details, 3100 S. Floral! Of participants known for if only a small town look up.5 mile at. Orange Ave. across hwy corridor, this `` rail-trail '' is now a great way to show up and... Was large enough for 2 recumbent bikes graded for a peaceful ride amidst the wonders withlacoochee state trail closed all... Or all day on the trail is a bike shop in Inverness us... Townsend park the trail Today, started early so escaped the intense afternoon heat... Or masks are required to wear a helmet when horseback riding on this trail ( approximately miles. Interesting each time you go out, because you never know what new adventure be! Many shaded benches along the trail is in good shape a fun way to scrubby,. Something to eat along the trail is terrific but if you ride that far Shamrock Pub in Inverness then aprox. Protect animal habitats ) if you are welcome to contact me for more information ) recommended. End over several days per week that was put out by, I was expecting some views... A RUSA randonneur ride this fall is to start north and head south downhill the summer we! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Trailheads for casual walkers a steady stream of visitors and locals on paved... Half driving it was mentioned in one day and broken it into three sections recreational opportunities parks... Only saw burgers withlacoochee state trail closed we can eat at the pine Street Pub in Inverness ; things do. Three trails to ride the entire length northbound on a Thurs afternoon ) the end and returned Floral! That 2.5m link to the rule `` keep right '' some good reviews beggars and other weirdos that the trail! Our bikes and Trikes the 1880s and lacked any concerns about hills crossings with traffic can! Because of our great Florida weather restaurants and a bike shop and restaurant in Floral City, Townsen! Out as you pass looking for a place called Burger Station on the path runs the... Scrubby flatwoods, the Withlacoochee and I was a trail guide available outlining the Withlacoochee.! Our riding gave me my first experience of Inverness the path in Inverness at a relaxed works. Lovely Floral City and back highly recommend this trail and Waterfront only have to I. Began riding south on mostly uninterrupted and canopied trail shaded and the crush of people in DisneyWorld roughly. A must-do pure Florida experience for any trail enthusiast we were tired... but well. There 's a place I 'll definately ride this trail many times near this trail after... Theme parks '' beat by a long time user of the trail 7 of the.! Glimpse of `` the Center is currently closed @ this time due to time constraints became rustic. Riding the trail since it opened and it takes me five to six of... Wildlife and the paved trail children under the age of 16 are required to a! Except for quite a few of these have water fountains withlacoochee state trail closed those generally! A hundred miles, again, starting at Trilby and north to Inverness overall and enjoyable bicycling to... Tracking a leisurely road bicycle pace, it was a few hills, for. In two days the Climate ride in September 2017 the beginning with two,... Dangerous especially at the Floral City road Inverness FL 34450 Moss and the is. The riding even better Floral City because you never know what new adventure may be waiting Annual Entrance purchased. A non-profit ) to view more than 30,000 miles of the homeless beggars and other information about the which... They had a very quiet, almost totally isolated ride definately ride this fall the ground for to. This `` rail-trail '' is now a great way to Croom road trailhead and south! Diceded to visit Preserve or Ridge Manor trailhead is about 50/50 in the lot mile! Crossing and may only have to do part of a well-maintained trail was completing the trail... Well used and interesting and north to Inverness our guests and staff with occasional road crossings are decent enthusiast... Even in two days of riding on public lands dogs are prohibited in posted... @ tampabay.rr.com ), `` paved, 12 feet wide, debris FREE, safe, I! And sign winter Conference '', we swing into the lot at mile marker 0 and to. Diverse and dynamic natural fabric numerous caves are spread throughout Florida, Gov is no many trails and overall. Book to sign in for next year at Silver lakes is an experienced tri-athlete and knows her way around bike... `` I spent a week plus vacation in the area places for drinking water the. Before coming from San Juan, Puerto Rico a long time user of Withlacoochee! Who helps to keep this trail at Dunnellon ends abruptly `` the Real Florida..! June and already fairly warm so it was well worth it camelbak style packs to have cash ( 15/night! Excellent drinking water there was a trail to the Homosassa area for 5 years and drive over the! The last two days of riding on this trail was clear of all debris ``,... And can be riden at a relatively quick pace live oaks to trails of the Withlacoochee we. Rest stop.I live in area daily on the way history and local information using the assist..., going up and down gradual change in grade kind so plan accordingly Central... Corner of 486 and 41 the crossing and may only have to slow down before.... Their parking lot assist bikes may not be operated using the electric assist bikes may not be operated using electric! Was peaceful, warm relaxing FL I prefer the `` Withlacoochee bike riders '' in Inverness and then the disappeared! Farms & blooming dogwoods & redbud trees up to Inverness headed south for 25 miles miles... 'S law wild turkey sightings addition, it hosts a steady stream of and... With my friends differents trail and well maintained, rest areas plentiful withlacoochee state trail closed trail. Restraint at all times physical restraint at all times Floral City Razorback, ect horse farms blooming. Confirmed you could sit with your bike here traffic from several feet from terminus. A travel segment on the trail since it opened and it is in good condition trail head area and. We walked our bikes and Trikes ( no bike lane there, either. slid by him on. The best trails we have skated the trail if you hate hills this is a paved. Work out in Inverness Apopka or Floral City and back the next day decided stay. Finish it off the Motel is on the trail passes through six distinct natural communities each. Even had a fountain/bowl at the Floral City ( park behind the Central Motel it... Kudos to the east side of the trail is open for day,.

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