President Evers Statement on Tragic Accident at Charlestown Bus Yard

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Statement on MBTA Armored Trucks

“For the past several months, Governor Baker and MBTA leadership have repeatedly released reports that denigrate hard working employees in an attempt to justify outsourcing their jobs. But this week Governor Baker himself resorted to pure fiction. In a press conference Wednesday the Governor said “someone cut sunroofs into two of the armored trucks used…

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Statement from Carmen’s Union on New MBTA General

“The MBTA has spent a lot of energy attacking its own employees, but if you ask riders if their experience is better, if their commutes are better, you will hear a resounding ‘no.’ If the Baker Administration is serious about improving the MBTA it needs to make real investments in the system’s infrastructure– vehicles of…

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Boston Carmen’s Union Statement on Governor’s MBTA Bill

Below is a statement from the Executive Board of the Boston Carmen’s Union regarding the Governor’s MBTA bill. “The Governor’s Special Panel on the MBTA highlighted deep and pervasive management problems at the MBTA. While we agree with many of the recommendations of their report, eliminating the Pacheco Law will only make a bad situation…

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Carmen’s Union Statement on Today’s Red Line Incident

Boston, MA – The Boston Carmen’s Union released the following statement on today’s Red Line incident: “We are extremely grateful that there were no serious injuries in today’s accident to either the employees we represent or the riding public, which we serve.” “Safety has always been the top priority of the Carmen’s Union. Creating extra…

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Statement from Boston Carmen’s Union

“The Boston Carmen’s Union stands in solidarity with peaceful protesters across the Commonwealth and across the country.  As MBTA employees, we are committed to always getting riders where they need to go. Now more than ever, it is important that we continue to serve the city, our passengers, and protesters. Our members have often been…

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