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Nomination of General Officers / Executive

Dear  Board Members and Barn Captains, Section 30: “A member to be nominated for any office in this Local Union must be present “at the Union Office” unless such member be confined through illness to her or his home or hospital or out of town on legitimate business. No member shall be a candidate for more…

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Sullivan: Put T trolley on track for tourism

Boston Herald | Jim Sullivan | Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Tim Murphy loves his job. Tim drives the Mattapan-
Ashmont trolley, the extension of the Red Line that takes over where the subway ends. The trolleys are the only vehicles in the MBTA fleet not equipped to make recorded announcements, so Tim does the job as…

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Fact Check: Governor Baker Misleads on MBTA’s Money Room

 *MEDIA RELEASE* Media Contact: Cayenne Isaksen 617-646-1028 Fact Check: Governor Baker Misleads on MBTA’s Money Room During Thursday’s BPR radio show, Governor Baker insulted employees and misstated facts to feed privatization agenda BOSTON, MA (October 21, 2016) – Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker on Thursday showed how far he is willing to go to pursue…

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We need you at the State House tomorrow

Brothers and Sisters, We need you now more than ever to come to tomorrow’s (10/20) rally at the State House. The pressure on Gov. Baker and MBTA leadership is mounting. Just today, the Boston Herald has a story out that the MBTA is quietly spending $1 million on privatization, hiring management consultants to find new ways…

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MBTA pays $1M for advice on privatization savings

Boston Herald | Matt Stout | Tuesday, October 18, 2016 The MBTA is quietly paying nearly $1 million to a consultant to “assess the options” for outsourcing jobs and services throughout the cash-strapped transit agency, the Herald has learned — further fanning the flames in a public feud between Gov. Charlie Baker and unions intent…

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Union: T overstates privatization savings

Commonwealth Magazine | By Bruce Mohl | Oct 17, 2016 THE UNION REPRESENTING EMPLOYEES in the MBTA’s cash collection and counting operation said on Monday that privatization of the work will yield savings of $330,000 in the first year, not the $5.4 million claimed by T officials. Patrick Hogan of the Boston Carmen’s Union told…

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Schedule Change for Monday’s Rally (10/17) At Cabot

Dear Local 589 Members, The time on the calendar for Monday’s rally (10/17) at the MBTA Cabot Bus Garage is incorrect. The rally will be starting at 6am and running to 9am. Also, the afternoon rally at the same location from 3-6pm has been canceled. If you have any questions, please call the union office.…

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Union Officials And Elected Democrats Rally Against MBTA Privatization

State House News Service | By Andy Metzger | October 12, 2016   Filling the air outside Faneuil Hall on Wednesday with charged rhetoric about corporations profiting off government work, union officials and elected Democrats railed against privatization at the MBTA without charting a clear course for stopping those moves anytime soon. “I’m not happy with…

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Update on the Injunction Status

Dear Local 589 Member, In our 13c arbitration, the MBTA argued that the arbitrator does not have authority regarding a temporary restraining order (TRO) resulting in us having to go to court to seek an injunction for the TRO. However, in subsequent court proceedings, the MBTA attorneys reversed their position and made the argument that…

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Action on the Money Room

Brothers and Sisters, By now, most of you have already seen the news. The MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board rushed a decision to privatize today, taking a 4-0 vote to allow Acting General Manager Brian Shortsleeve to enter into contract negotiations with Brink’s to take over Money Room operations. It is clear that this…

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