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Opinion: MBTA only one part of a fragile transportation network

Opinion: Boston Globe | By Kristina Egan | FEBRUARY 27, 2015 The MBTA’s performance in the record snow and cold temperatures gives us a glimpse of a possible future — one in which our transportation system completely fails us. When the T shuts down, businesses and workers lose millions of dollars. The torturous driving commutes…

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Rosenberg sees transportation disconnect

Commonwealth Magazine | By BRUCE MOHL | Feb 17, 2015 Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said on Tuesday that the problems at the MBTA are straight out of “Democracy in America,” the book Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the 1800s which suggested that Americans may vote themselves more benefits than they are willing to pay for.…

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Somerville Mayor on MBTA Crisis

Speaking with Joe Battenfeld yesterday, Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone said generations of chronic underfunding have put the MBTA behind both in terms of growing to meet its demand and in replacing its dated equipment. Any fix for the MBTA that doesn’t address both those issues isn’t a fix. Watch the interview below.  

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You Are Appreciated!

The following is a sample of the words of encouragement and support that we’ve received via our Facebook page from the riding public as we work to get the system back online after the snowiest month on record: “In this time of shutdowns, breakdowns and stalls, I want to take the time to thank the…

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Adrian Walker: MBTA workers share the strain

By Adrian Walker | Boston Globe | February 16, 2015 If you have been a frustrated customer of the MBTA in the past few weeks, Laverne Lassiter-Pina feels your pain. For the past 18 years, Lassiter-Pina has driven a train on the Red Line. She leaves her home in Avon before dawn to arrive at…

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EDITORIAL: T union’s smart move to let MBTA hire Peter Pan buses

Boston Globe | Editorial | February 13, 2015 The Boston Carmen’s Union earned a shoutout Thursday when it agreed to let the MBTA hire Peter Pan buses to shuttle passengers between Red Line stations that have been hit by weather-related service disruptions. Although running the 30 privately operated buses could be considered outsourcing — something…

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