589 Members Recognized for Volunteer Service

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Attention: Local 589 Active Employees Only

Group Insurance Benefit Deductions Begin Pay Period Ending 7/4/14. The Group Insurance Commission requires 1 month’s advance payment on all benefit plans (excluding the Flexible Spending Accounts). This results in a double deduction taken for the following payroll end dates: 7/4/14 7/11/14 7/18/14 7/25/14

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Union Teamwork Saves A Life

What started as a regular workday turned into a team effort lead by Local 589 members to save a man’s life on T property. The MBTA recently purchased a large piece of floor sweeping equipment and a vendor representative was in to set up and demonstrate the machine. While preparing for the training, the vendor…

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Statement on the New MBTA Cellphone Policy

The Boston Carmen’s Union ATU Local 589 shares the desire to keep bus transportation as safe as possible for riders and employees alike. However, our Union is deeply disturbed by MBTA management’s decision to turn bargained policy on its head, determining that all bus and transportation workers are guilty until proven innocent and declaring management…

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Increase in Minimum Dues Per Capita Tax

Under section 18 of the CONSTITUTION AND GENERAL LAWS, the per capita tax and minimum dues rate for all active members must be adjusted each July based upon the annual percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W, 1982-84=100) published by the U.S. Department of Labor. Dues will increases in the amount of $1.50 on…

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589 Members Recognized for Volunteer Service

Local 589 members who volunteered their time for the wakes and funerals of two Boston Fire Fighters, a Boston Police Gang Unit officer and a Plymouth Police Officer were honored on June 3rd at a special recognition ceremony. The event, attended by the Local 589 Executive Board, MBTA officials and Police and Fire Department leadership…

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