Surveys Say Boston Residents Value Public Transit

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Local 589 President Testifies at State House

This past Tuesday, Local 589’s President John Lee testified at the State House in support of legislation, S 718,  to help stem the rise of attacks on MBTA employees. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Sal DiDomenico, would allow police, with probable cause, to arrest suspects who assault public employees. As the law stands now, unless a police officer actually sees…

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Police seek MBTA spitting suspect

By Item Staff | The Daily Item LYNN — Transit Police detectives are asking the public for help identifying a man who allegedly spat on an MBTA bus driver while getting off the vehicle near Central Square. The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 18, on the Route 435 bus as it was traveling in Lynn, according…

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Have A Happy Fourth of July!

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” As we join with our families tomorrow to celebrate the birth of our country, let us never forget those we’ve lost in the fight for our freedom. Let it also embolden us to join the fight so that we, too, may pass on our…

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Gas Leak Closes Local 589 Office

Early Tuesday morning, the Executive Board of the Boston Carmen’s Union was forced to evacuate Local 589’s union office due to an unknown gas. Emergency responders, including EMS, Boston Fire, and the Boston Fire Department’s Hazmat team, were quick to the scene. After a thorough search, they concluded that it was tear gas from an old…

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Man allegedly spit at T driver

Boston Herald | Sunday, July 14, 2013 | By Ariel Rodriguez A 22-year-old Boston man is expected in Lynn District Court tomorrow accused of spitting at an MBTA bus driver after a dispute on a Route 435 bus in Lynn on June 18, transit police say. Jeffrey Martinez was arrested and charged with assault and…

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Serenity on Route 15 bus in Roxbury

Boston Globe | By Martine Powers July 15, 2013 MBTA bus driver Miguel Goncalves said he maintains an easygoing, respectful attitude with his passengers on Route 15 in Roxbury. An MBTA bus driver for 11 years, he knows that every interaction with a rider is a conflict waiting to escalate. He knows that Route 15…

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Surveys Say Boston Residents Value Public Transit

In two separate surveys, Boston residents have made it clear that they believe in public transportation and want more investment in it. In one survey conducted recently by the Suffolk University Political Research Center about the upcoming Boston mayoral election, 83% of those surveyed in Boston said that public transportation is a high priority issue. In the other…

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