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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is a time to thank all our union brothers and sisters who came before us and fought and died for the rights we enjoy today.  It is also a time to recommit ourselves to keeping those same rights alive for current and future workers by electing pro-union candidates.  Wishing all our members and…

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Assaults on MBTA Employees Have Increased Since Last Year

BostInno | Steve Annear | 8/25/12 According to statistics from an MBTA spokesman, this year, through August 24, there have been 68 reported assaults on MBTA employees, compared to 62 during the same time period last year. Earlier this year, the amount of assaults were enough to get MBTA Interim General Manager Jon Davis to…

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DOL Report on ATU Convention Challenges

Dear ATU Member, Immediately following the 56th Convention of the ATU, there was a campaign launched to cloud the results of our elections and discredit the Hanley/Baker team. That campaign included anonymous websites making false claims against ATU leaders and more than 100 objections to the election filed at the US Department of Labor. The…

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Photo with Endorsed Candidates

On Tuesday, August 14, 2012, Boston Carmen’s Union, ATU Local 589, President John Lee joined several endorsed candidates at the Quincy Center Burgin Parkway Etension Water Project.  From left to right is Sheriff Mike Bellotti, City Councilor Brian Palmucci, State Rep. Tackey Chan, Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren, President Lee, Mayor Tom Koch, and Local 589…

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Are you in?

Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589 member Mark Flaherty is ‘IN’, are you?   Mark is coordinating all political activities for the upcoming elections. If you can spare a couple hours of your time to volunteer for a pro-union candidate in your area, please call Mark today at (617) 899-9627.  All members that volunteer will receive a…

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Get-Out-The-Vote Strategy Meeting.

Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589, President John Lee seen here with ATU International Rep. Steve MacDougall, AFL-CIO President Steve Tolman, 589 Member Mark Flaherty and AFL-CIO Political & Legislative Coordinator Chrissy Long for a meeting on getting out the vote for pro-union candidates in the upcoming primary and general elections. If you can spare a…

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Scholarship Winners Attend Meeting

Scholarship winners, Alejandro Miranda and Celia Yuen, along with their parents dropped by a recent regular meeting of the membership.  Alejandro Miranda (son of Mauro Miranda – a Bennett Street Operator) will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute (W.P.I.) and Celia Yuen (daughter of Hong Yuen of the Cabot RTL Shops), will be attending the University of Chicago. While…

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Onsite Open Enrollment for Supplemental Benefits

Boston Carmen’s Union members will have the opportunity to participate in the union-sponsored supplemental benefits program September 5-21, 2012. You will have access to the following supplemental benefits:  Accident Insurance – pays for injuries & treatments resulting from an accident Critical Illness Insurance – pays a lump sum benefit if you suffer from a critical…

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Volunteer for Rep. Keating

Rep. Bill Keating is running for re-election.  In Bill we have a friend who understands and will fight for our issues.  In order to ensure Bill can continue fighting for us, we need to get him re-elected on election day – Thursday, Sept. 6,2012. Click here to find opportunities for you to help Bill today.  A couple house a…

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