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2 arrested after MBTA bus driver allegedly assaulted

(Courtesy of Channel 7 – WHDH) NEWTON, Mass. — Two suspects were arrested in Newton after police say they talked their way into a free MBTA bus ride to court, and then beat up the driver who helped them. 7News cameras rolled as police cuffed 24-year-old Kelly Galvin and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Jesse Cedrone.

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ALERT: Fellow Union Brother Needs Help!

Delegate Patrick Hogan reports that Brother Jerome Tarter (Badge 67725) and his family were victims of a major fire that destroyed their home on January 22nd. Brother Tarter, his wife, son and daughter escaped unharmed but their home and all their possessions were lost in the fire.

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The T is in trouble with a capital T

LOOKING AT the MBTA’s latest proposals to raise fares and severely cut service, I am reminded of the old joke about the complaining restaurant patron: “The food is terrible — and such small portions!’’ It’s an insult that fares must be raised, though the T’s $161 million deficit can’t be denied, and fares have held…

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How should the MBTA pay its bills?

The MBTA, facing a $161 million budget deficit, recently announced it would use a combination of fare hikes and service cuts to deal with the problem. The transportation authority has presented two scenarios. One relies more on fare hikes, and the other relies more on service cuts.

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Letter: MBTA purchase isn’t helping Americans

After returning home from New Hampshire after canvassing Democrat Primary Voters for the United Auto Workers, I was confronted with the Jan. 11 front page story about rail cars built in Korea and purchased by our own MBTA (“What’s coming down the tracks”).

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